Aha – What Good Are Our Opinions? – Week 6

Before our class on week 6 I never gave the question any thought because I was too busy exercising my right to give my opinion and I just had to give it whether I was asked or not. My only concern was making sure I had formulated an opinion about any subject brought to my attention. In other words, I better think of something to say fast. If I happen to get challenged concerning the factual truth of my opinion then I just come up with another opinion to cover the first opinion. There was one thing that I did make sure of and that was always having a “positive opinion” and never giving what sounded like a “negative opinion”. That sounds so praiseworthy but how thankful I am, as a member of the KMMA to receive a different look at this subject of opinions which resulted in my having a Aha moment. I now have a completely new understanding concerning  how opinions really impact my life and how they should be used.

I feel more in control of myself now because I can let go of the immediate urgency to respond to something someone have said. The first question I ask myself is – was I asked for my opinion? Secondly, if I was asked, do I know anything about the subject that would add meaning to the conversation. Thirdly, am I more concern with being  judged if I just kept quite or does it even matter if I am being an observer?

Lastly, it does matter to me for I am much more aware of what I say, am I just being opinionated or is it fresh and new?  And what is the other person saying to me. Is what I am hearing another unrequested opinion?

One thing is for sure, I’m listening!!!!



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