Meeting My Future Self – Week 7

I am so thankful for this week’s lesson and, in particular, how we were introduced to the reason we find ourselves putting off during many things that we know are of great importance in our lives. I once heard someone say “you know what to do so why aren’t you doing it?” I thought that was a fair enough question and hope they had an answer.  Sadly, I did not quite understand their reasoning so therefore, I did not come up with any action that resulted in making any changes to my behavior . I felt stuck in the cycle of procrastination.

I had never heard of the concept of “My Future Self”.  I truly feel like a new man. I fully embrace the sense of responsibility I have to “My Future Self”.  I feel like this is someone I want to protect and to fulfill every promise I have made. Couple this understanding with the fact that I  am not talking about a strange nor is that person a figure of my imagination.

What I cherish the most is how I can look at myself in the mirror and without flinching or blinking speak words that I have never heard me speak to myself before. In complete  honesty I can speak to my own heart with the three most powerful words ever spoken,  I Love You.

I Always Keep My Promises,

George Cooke


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