What’s Behind That Smile On My Face – Week 8

There have been some big changes in the new way I handle my life and the new feelings I am experiencing as a result.  Inside of me there is a sweet assurance that I am fully in control of what is going on around me.

The way I use to think is going away and it’s influence on me is gone also. What I use to think was established by my old habits. Yes, it was just a habit but the main problem which tied me down was I could not figure out how to change some situation or my emotional responses until  now.

The first thing I notice recently is that I am smiling more and more. Every moment I think of something that puts a smile on my face and it is contagious. My voice has a new tone that brightens my conversations when the person I’m talking with, not to, is feeling what I am feeling. I now enjoy a sweet sense of anticipation when I set up various tasks for the day ahead. It’s a knowing free of doubt and worry concerning staying on track.  So what can I say is causing this change?

It is the new habit of learning and practicing the 7 Basic Laws of the Mind. This is what is behind the smile on my face.

George Cooke

I Always Keep My Promises




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