Taking Charge Of Your Thoughts – Week 9

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving Day, I had the thrill of inviting my son and grandson to go flying with a friend of mine who has a passion for flying and the owner of several piper cubs planes. My friend is a gracious man who shows his love for others in this way. I will never forget the look on my 12 year old grandson face, especially, and the looks on his father’s face and mine as well. Our eyes were lighting up and a big wide grin was stretched across our faces when it was each of our turn to climb into our seat  with the pilot. You could tell that the anticipation of take off and the flight that lied ahead was causing the 3 of us to approach a new level of excitement we could hardly imagine,  in spite of the fact that we have flown in big airliners often.

Amazingly my mind centered on the Wright Bros, I asked my grandson did he know what type of work the men did before they perfected their invention. His replied, yes, they made and repaired bicycles.

At that moment I had another aha moment. I was picturing both brothers bending over the wheel of a bike, trying maybe to get a spoke to fit into the rim but really maybe concentrating on how to construct a wing of the plane to get the proper lift or maybe where to place the wires which would control the  plane’s propellers  or maybe a million other details that needed to be connected in the process of manifesting their definite purpose in life. That thought was inspirational to me because we enjoy flight today because they demanded of themselves persistent, continuous action toward its attainment and we the members of MKMMA are learning to engage the same mental processes towards our individual Definite Chief Aim In Life. I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving Day.

George Cooke

I Always Keep My Promises




7 thoughts on “Taking Charge Of Your Thoughts – Week 9

  1. fawnc

    Thanks for your delicious expression of all three of you getting to fly in that very intimate way, George! I loved your description of the Wright brothers and all of the detail, just like we have been doing in these past few weeks, especially week 9 with seeing the plant fully bloom from the seed that’s planted in the earth. Really great how you are taking charge of your thoughts, George! Can feel how you are aiming at your Definite Major Purpose! Woohoo!!


  2. Caryn Elizabeth

    I love what you are saying! I see your persistence. I feel your passion for the course. What you are doing is not gone unnoticed. It’s so great that you are getting what Marks saying in the webinars. Keep up the good work!



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