Is There Gain Without Harmony? Week 10 of Master Keys

I have learned many powerful things about how I use to think with my “Old Man”, and what I must persistently continue to selectively apply to my subby daily in my pursuit to establish my” New Man”.

As my ‘New Man” continues to grow I become more and more the observer. I am simply amazed how good it feels when I shut down or curb the urge to start sprouting my opinions in conversations. Now I am enjoying the conversation for its true value. Outwardly, it is not important any longer to me who is right or who is wrong. Now I am guarding my inner man. The paramount issue is making absolutely sure my thoughts be harmonious within me. At this point in my training, I have found that without harmony everything else can not proceed. My DMP is stopped in its track. My Affirmations are weaken. My Faith is questioned,

My”New Man” knows that whatever negative thought I  allow to take root because I fail to use the proper Law of The Mind, in this case, The Law Of Substitution and The Law of Forgiveness, often become a stumbling block if not properly dealt with. No longer will I allow the actions of others who are governed by their emotions or feelings to disrupt my state of harmony. How sweet it is that we are continually growing.

George Cooke

I Always Keep My Promises



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