Follow Your Guide and You Won’t Get Lost – Week 13 of Master Key

How does it feel to be lost? How does it feel when you are not sure whether you should continue or not. When you are being pulled back and forth by your “old blue print” and the comforts that seen so inviting, “like old times”.  How does it feel when your imagination presents you with what looks like a good reason to forgetaboutit.

I am so very thankful for the lessons presented in our week 13 class. I was encouraged and inspired by the testimony of not 1 but 2 fellow travelers who are also on this journey who explain that obstacles and hindrances was part of their journey and they wanted us to know that we could face similar challenges at various times as well. They shared their individual  over-coming moments which had the appearance of impossibility and defeat but even in those very moments,  they trusted their guide and chose to become the over-comer just like they created in their Definite Major Purpose

The guidance provided by MKMMA is unbelievable. I am determine not to look away from my guides regardless. The past is the past.  I owned this “new man”  and I persist until I succeed.

George Cooke

I Always Keep My Promises


4 thoughts on “Follow Your Guide and You Won’t Get Lost – Week 13 of Master Key

  1. MasterkeyBrenda

    Great Blog! It makes me Happy to read that you have accepted the Encouragement and Inspiration here in the Masterkeys… Stay Strong! My old Blueprint has been tugging hard as well, However… Defeat is not an Option… 🙂


  2. Caryn Elizabeth

    Congratulations and great job on the post. I’d love to see your press release. Feels good, doesn’t it, sharing at length as compared to honing a big idea into 400 words? Same goes for the press release. Seeing ourselves in the future is a great way to aim! There is where you can share at length how you feel about yourself in the future! Have fun! I can tell you really care! Getting this just the way you want is very satisfying! Keep it up! You’re #one in your book, right? 🙂
    Caryn Elizabeth Kehrly
    MKE Certified Guide!



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