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Follow Your Guide and You Won’t Get Lost – Week 13 of Master Key

How does it feel to be lost? How does it feel when you are not sure whether you should continue or not. When you are being pulled back and forth by your “old blue print” and the comforts that seen so inviting, “like old times”.  How does it feel when your imagination presents you with what looks like a good reason to forgetaboutit.

I am so very thankful for the lessons presented in our week 13 class. I was encouraged and inspired by the testimony of not 1 but 2 fellow travelers who are also on this journey who explain that obstacles and hindrances was part of their journey and they wanted us to know that we could face similar challenges at various times as well. They shared their individual  over-coming moments which had the appearance of impossibility and defeat but even in those very moments,  they trusted their guide and chose to become the over-comer just like they created in their Definite Major Purpose

The guidance provided by MKMMA is unbelievable. I am determine not to look away from my guides regardless. The past is the past.  I owned this “new man”  and I persist until I succeed.

George Cooke

I Always Keep My Promises


Breaking News – Persistence Is a Habit That Everyone Can Develop – Week 11 Master Key-

In previous lessons we were reminded to get ready for lesson 11 because it would contain the crowing jewel of all of our work leading up to this time. I am happy to say that this lesson more that filled my greatest expectations. One simple word took on a whole new meaning as it became crystal clear that it represents the concept that must always be present and working in the life of everyone who achieves a meaningful goal in life.  The word is “Persistence”.

Yes, we learned that persistence  is the true driving force that fuel our efforts and keeps us on track but now it is shown in a new light. Rather then thought of as a characteristic some are born with, the lucky few, and unattainable by those who were consisted the unlucky ones, is no longer the case.

Persistence is not a characteristic but a habit. Habit That’s right in line with what we have been developing from the very beginning. New habits that we choose and are inline with our DMP. New habits that replaces old habits which we no longer wanted or accepted from our past. We are very fortunate to have revealed to us this insight and direction that the 4 tiny habits provides us as a clear pathway to identify the development of persistence as a habit manifested in our lives. Thank You MKMMA.

George Cooke

I Always Keep My Promises

Is There Gain Without Harmony? Week 10 of Master Keys

I have learned many powerful things about how I use to think with my “Old Man”, and what I must persistently continue to selectively apply to my subby daily in my pursuit to establish my” New Man”.

As my ‘New Man” continues to grow I become more and more the observer. I am simply amazed how good it feels when I shut down or curb the urge to start sprouting my opinions in conversations. Now I am enjoying the conversation for its true value. Outwardly, it is not important any longer to me who is right or who is wrong. Now I am guarding my inner man. The paramount issue is making absolutely sure my thoughts be harmonious within me. At this point in my training, I have found that without harmony everything else can not proceed. My DMP is stopped in its track. My Affirmations are weaken. My Faith is questioned,

My”New Man” knows that whatever negative thought I  allow to take root because I fail to use the proper Law of The Mind, in this case, The Law Of Substitution and The Law of Forgiveness, often become a stumbling block if not properly dealt with. No longer will I allow the actions of others who are governed by their emotions or feelings to disrupt my state of harmony. How sweet it is that we are continually growing.

George Cooke

I Always Keep My Promises


Taking Charge Of Your Thoughts – Week 9

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving Day, I had the thrill of inviting my son and grandson to go flying with a friend of mine who has a passion for flying and the owner of several piper cubs planes. My friend is a gracious man who shows his love for others in this way. I will never forget the look on my 12 year old grandson face, especially, and the looks on his father’s face and mine as well. Our eyes were lighting up and a big wide grin was stretched across our faces when it was each of our turn to climb into our seat  with the pilot. You could tell that the anticipation of take off and the flight that lied ahead was causing the 3 of us to approach a new level of excitement we could hardly imagine,  in spite of the fact that we have flown in big airliners often.

Amazingly my mind centered on the Wright Bros, I asked my grandson did he know what type of work the men did before they perfected their invention. His replied, yes, they made and repaired bicycles.

At that moment I had another aha moment. I was picturing both brothers bending over the wheel of a bike, trying maybe to get a spoke to fit into the rim but really maybe concentrating on how to construct a wing of the plane to get the proper lift or maybe where to place the wires which would control the  plane’s propellers  or maybe a million other details that needed to be connected in the process of manifesting their definite purpose in life. That thought was inspirational to me because we enjoy flight today because they demanded of themselves persistent, continuous action toward its attainment and we the members of MKMMA are learning to engage the same mental processes towards our individual Definite Chief Aim In Life. I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving Day.

George Cooke

I Always Keep My Promises



What’s Behind That Smile On My Face – Week 8

There have been some big changes in the new way I handle my life and the new feelings I am experiencing as a result.  Inside of me there is a sweet assurance that I am fully in control of what is going on around me.

The way I use to think is going away and it’s influence on me is gone also. What I use to think was established by my old habits. Yes, it was just a habit but the main problem which tied me down was I could not figure out how to change some situation or my emotional responses until  now.

The first thing I notice recently is that I am smiling more and more. Every moment I think of something that puts a smile on my face and it is contagious. My voice has a new tone that brightens my conversations when the person I’m talking with, not to, is feeling what I am feeling. I now enjoy a sweet sense of anticipation when I set up various tasks for the day ahead. It’s a knowing free of doubt and worry concerning staying on track.  So what can I say is causing this change?

It is the new habit of learning and practicing the 7 Basic Laws of the Mind. This is what is behind the smile on my face.

George Cooke

I Always Keep My Promises



Meeting My Future Self – Week 7

I am so thankful for this week’s lesson and, in particular, how we were introduced to the reason we find ourselves putting off during many things that we know are of great importance in our lives. I once heard someone say “you know what to do so why aren’t you doing it?” I thought that was a fair enough question and hope they had an answer.  Sadly, I did not quite understand their reasoning so therefore, I did not come up with any action that resulted in making any changes to my behavior . I felt stuck in the cycle of procrastination.

I had never heard of the concept of “My Future Self”.  I truly feel like a new man. I fully embrace the sense of responsibility I have to “My Future Self”.  I feel like this is someone I want to protect and to fulfill every promise I have made. Couple this understanding with the fact that I  am not talking about a strange nor is that person a figure of my imagination.

What I cherish the most is how I can look at myself in the mirror and without flinching or blinking speak words that I have never heard me speak to myself before. In complete  honesty I can speak to my own heart with the three most powerful words ever spoken,  I Love You.

I Always Keep My Promises,

George Cooke

Aha – What Good Are Our Opinions? – Week 6

Before our class on week 6 I never gave the question any thought because I was too busy exercising my right to give my opinion and I just had to give it whether I was asked or not. My only concern was making sure I had formulated an opinion about any subject brought to my attention. In other words, I better think of something to say fast. If I happen to get challenged concerning the factual truth of my opinion then I just come up with another opinion to cover the first opinion. There was one thing that I did make sure of and that was always having a “positive opinion” and never giving what sounded like a “negative opinion”. That sounds so praiseworthy but how thankful I am, as a member of the KMMA to receive a different look at this subject of opinions which resulted in my having a Aha moment. I now have a completely new understanding concerning  how opinions really impact my life and how they should be used.

I feel more in control of myself now because I can let go of the immediate urgency to respond to something someone have said. The first question I ask myself is – was I asked for my opinion? Secondly, if I was asked, do I know anything about the subject that would add meaning to the conversation. Thirdly, am I more concern with being  judged if I just kept quite or does it even matter if I am being an observer?

Lastly, it does matter to me for I am much more aware of what I say, am I just being opinionated or is it fresh and new?  And what is the other person saying to me. Is what I am hearing another unrequested opinion?

One thing is for sure, I’m listening!!!!