Press Release –

US announced the Entrepreneur Of The Year award goes to George Cooke in recognition of his outstanding achievement in the field of Internet Marketing.

I am here in the rose garden at the estate of Bill Gates, along with my fellow reporters from radio and television, NPR and PBS, respectively. The honoree, George Cooke, is schedule to speak to young student throughout the entire Public School System in the USA, during the program.

Our host, Bill Gates and George Cooke are making their way from the panoramic sun porch down the manicured cobble stone path to take their seats under a large sycamore tree that is providing a perfect shady spot near the waterfall just beyond the edge of the  big tree shadow.

Let me see if I can speak with George before the start of the program.

Hi George, welcome the US Entrepreneur Of The Year Award program and congratulation for your outstanding achievement as this year’s reciprocant.

George: Thank you so much.  It is a thrill to receive this honor,

ME: Could you give us a little bit of your background and experience as an Internet Marketer?

George: Yes, I started with very little experience but I was very determined to make things different in my life and that was when I was introduced to a new way of taking control of your own life. You see, instead of looking at the effect or outcome of things in our life I now began from the position of how  do I get things to come out the way I want them in my life?  

ME: Is that the approach you took to create your own digital product?

George: Yes, It was the exact approach. I didn’t start from the position that our youth need help and guidance but instead I asked myself, how can I get our youth the help and guidance they need.

ME: With no experience how were you able to create this product?

George: This is some of what I will be sharing with the youth during the broadcast, namely, that there is a source of power within us which is responsible for everything we see around us. I want them to know how to tap into this source, that is available to everyone, and how to let it work in their behalf.

ME: Bill, did you help George develop this product that have gotten the attention of our educators nationwide?

Bill: No Me, I had another vision that I was able to create, but I have asked  George to let me help him with his vision of helping our youth discover how to tap into their greatest resource.

ME: George, I see that the program is about to begin. For all the youth all over the world, we thank you for following your vision until it manifested

George: Thank You Very Much


Promises Worth Keeping – Week 4

Oh no, not again. That’s what I hear myself saying. How many times have I made promises to myself and to others to do something then at some point in time I become frustrated and angry with the situation  that I just give up and walk away. Too many experiences in my life have been touched by this pattern of behavior. But things are beginning to change and the change is taking place inside of me. I love what Lesson 4-12 tells us “that when we start something and do not complete it, or make a resolution and do not keep it, we are forming the habit of failure,  A further point of 4-12 states that “if you make up your mind to do something, do it, let nothing , no one, interfere”.  Step by step we are learning how to change the things in our lives that we don’t want, that have  been holding us back. You see we are creating new thoughts that represent our true feelings, our true self. No more going along just to get along. I have found the key that gives me the control of myself. I have found that the world within me controls the world without. I control the world within by my thoughts and feeling which become my beliefs. So I continue to re-write  my blueprint for life. The thoughts I now repeat over and over again are demands which  will manifest itself because they are place on purpose, with purpose, and of purpose.

Master Key – Week 3 -Make It Clear

We are moving ahead at a steady pace and week 3 lesson contained a large block of knowledge to help us clarified and support the construction of our DMP (Definite Major Purpose). I am beginning to understand how my thoughts in the past have been jumping from one idea to another in a tangle ball of half-hearted confused efforts. It has been more like living in a maze of impulsive ideas on a stop and go treadmill. How in the world can I see any change take place  in my life when I am not thinking clearly  or specify on what in life I really want to become.

Now, I am happy to say that I no longer allow my thoughts to bounce all over the place. I know my responsibility is to use my thoughts in a prescribe way.

First, I clearly and purposefully decide my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) including how it benefits others. This part is accomplished by the thoughts I hold in my  conscious mind. But it does not stop there. I have a partner in this thought process  which is my subconscious mind. For a lot of people this knowledge is new but a great revelation that will turn everything around for your good. We know now that the actual work of creating the very things we see in our lives, known as the effects,  are manifestations of our persistence thoughts wrapped in our feeling which become our beliefs that influences and directs our subconscious mind to bring into our lives that very thing we are holding in our mind or thinking about all the time..

So one of the questions that was answered in Lesson 3 is, how do we do this?  How do we take control of our thoughts to make sure we get the good things to appear in our lives?  We learn how to convert our DMP into SMART Goals. SMART  stands for S-specific, M-Measurable, A- Achievable, R-Realistic, and T-Timed.

I make this my wonderful format going forward. I’m elated and set free to soar like an eagle and land on a sure footing of accomplishment.



Building The Bridge – Week 2 of Master Keys

After completing the webinar for week 2, clearly we are going somewhere I have never been before and that a bridge is going to be required to get me from where I am now to where I am going.  So the first question I must get crystal clear is “Where Do I Want To Go?”

I am learning that there is a big difference between Where Do I Want To Go and Where Am I Going?  One question requires planning the direction or path I want to take and the latter question indicates that I don’t know where I am and could very well be lost.

I am learning that in order to build this new bridge I am going to have to learn to build a new mental blueprint. Old habits of thinking and doing things no longer apply.  A new sheriff is in town. I’m not going to able to get away with dong the same old  things  over and over again and expect to get to my new desitination. .

But heres the good news. I have been introducted to brand new tools by MKMMA and the best part is that each of the tools lie withn me. They have always been there but I did not know it nor did I know how  to use them for the very purpose they were created for.

Much more to come,


Ready – Set – Go!!

This is my first blog and it brings back the feelings I had as a child when I first dangle my toes in the water of the large swimming pool for the first time. I saw how the other kids were having so much fun as they splash and swam around the pool. I knew for sure at that moment that I did not have any knowledge of how to swim but neither did I have any  fear or doubt about taking on this new challenge.

Learning to blog is just a part of a bigger challenge now that I have finished my first training class as a member of the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance, often referred to as MKMMA. In this challenge we are not playing nor during things just for the fun of it. We are reshaping what we think, what we say, and what we do to effect our lives in ways  that causes our future to be just what we plan for it to be.

I am so grateful that a life changing program such as this one has been designed and I want to  thank those who have make this opportunity availble to me. I have already discovered many  areas of this program that are completely new to me but what I appreciate the most is the accountabilty  factor that encourges the daily application of the learning tools.  I feel that  we, the members of the alliance,  are all in this together and no one is left behind because we have an abundance of tools which support our learning and help us to progress together.

We are on our way!